Monthly Draw

Welcome to your LOCAL 46 Monthly Draw Page!

Every month we will be hosting a draw for a fantastic prize.  LOCAL 46 will be supporting local Artisans & Vendors from in and around Sault Ste Marie, by featuring some of their products in our monthly draws.

Here’s how to win:

  • Visit the Local 46 website and click on the Monthly Draw tab.
  • Answer the contest question by emailing it to
  • Participating members will be entered in a monthly draw to win great prizes.
  • At the end of the year all members that participated in the monthly draws will be entered in the Grand Prize Draw.
  • The Grand Prize is a $500 gift that will be tailored to support your Wellness Wish – It could be used for fitness, Yoga, home gym, towards a bike, a kayak, a retreat – You name your wellness wish and we will support it!
  • We will contact the winners by email and will post the winners on the website monthly.



$500 Gift Card Towards Your Wellness Journey!  This draw is super fun and here is what you do

  1. Check out our local46 website
  2. Send the Name of the pet featured on the post
  3. Send a photo of a favourite pet – it can be past or present – yours, a friend’s, family member’s or one you that is on your wish list!
  4. Please make sure the picture file is not too large:)
  5. We will post a collage of these photos on the ONA46 website for you all to enjoy!
  6. All entries into any of the wellness draws will be eligible for the Grand Prize Draw
  7. The Winner will be announced at the January ONA46 Event and here on the Website



Answer & Photos to  


November 2023 Prize:

This month’s Wellness Gift features a Honey products from Witty Meadows in Bruce Mines, Ontario.  You can purchase this honey at the Moores Geneneral Store, 346 North Street.  This is a sweet little store in the heart of Sault Ste Marie.  He has a little bit of everything including local farm fresh produce; and if you are looking for vintage candy this is the place to find it!

November Questions:

  1. What is article refers to double time premium and how does it apply to you?
  2. What article refers to the banking of overtime.
  3. If you think you were disadvantaged for a shift what steps do you take to resolve this issue?
  4. What is the time frame you have to file a grievance?


Hint – All answers can be found on the Website

Once you have completed the Email with your answers – Thank you


September 2023 Draw

September 2023 Prize:

This month’s Wellness Gift features a Custom ONA cutting board made by Stella Wood Design; a hand beaded keychain made by Vonddesigns; Ontario maple syrup and a beautiful rainbow ONA bag!

September Questions:

  1. If all nurses will incur premium on an available shift which nurse will be offered the shift first?
  2. Someone has been offered a shift that you were entitled to:  What are you entitled to as a result of that distribution error.
  3. How many nights must you work before you are entitled to 48hrs off after those nights
  4. You are a part time nurse – what article tells you which of your week ends insures premium

Hint – All answers can be found on the Website

Once you have completed the Email with your answers – Thank you


June 2023 Draw

June 2023 Prize:

This month’s Wellness Gift features 17N mugs/coffee from the Voyageur Lodge at Batchewana Bay.  The Voyageur is a must stop on any trip down 17N.  Frank and Gail O’Connor have run the Lodge since 2003 and are responsible the famous Apple Fritter, selling thousands every season.  The food is mouth watering and gift shop has something for everyone including a wide array of 17N apparel

June Questions: This Month you can click the Survey Monkey Below to

Hint – All answers can be found on the Website

Once you have completed the Email with your answers – Thank you

This gift also includes 6 Famous Voyageur Lodge Apple Fritters compliments of Gail and Frank!

Congratulation Robbi Martson!

We Hope You Enjoyed Those Fritters!

April 2023 Draw

April 2023 Prize:

This month’s pamper basket was put together by Made by Mak @ and features some lovely locally made pamper products by Canela Bath & Body of Sault Ste Marie.

April Questions:

  1. Who are your local executive & what are their emails?
  2. Where can you find your collective agreement?
  3. There are two separate agreements – what are they called & how do they differ?

Hint – All answers can be found on the Website

Email your answers to


May 2023 Draw

May 2023 Prize:

This month’s exciting draw prize is brought to you from Hogan’s Homestead Spencer + Erica Hogan started their homestead as a hobby and a dream that one day it would grow with their family. One tap turned into two, then turned into hundreds – They have a sweet little shop  at 536 Second Line West, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario & at Mill Market Boutique every Satruday at 35 Canal Drive, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario .  Their Sugar Shack located at 1157 Thielman Road, Goulais River, Ontario. 

May Questions:

1. What article in the collective agreement guides you through filing a Professional Responsibility Workload Report?

2. Can the employer stop you from filing a PRW report?

3. What is the time line for filing a PRW report?

Hint – All answers can be found on the website

Email your answers to


It’s all about Maple!

Congratulations Tammy Wade from PACU!  You have won the May Wellness Draw!